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Welcome! I am the owner, Kelsie, of Electrich0pe.com. I am not looking for any co-owners. I hope you find everything you need, and if you need anything comment in my cbox, and make sure to leave your link so I can contact you! Make sure to credit me if you use any content or tutorials on my site! Thanks!

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I bought this site in November of 2012. I'm glad I got a brand new domain. I hope to maintain it well and keep everything active. Let me know if you need anything!


5SOS Fanfic

Chapter 1;
Catch My Love

Kelsie's POV;
The sun had just disappeared and darkness suffocated me as I was driving down the gravel road looking for the house of the party. I reached for the radio, switched stations, and blasted the volume. It was finally Friday night, and I was determined to have an extraordinary night with my girls! A new song came on; I had never heard it before! Music was my life, and I was confused as to why I wasn't familiar with the song. I grabbed my phone and used an app to determine what song it was. It turned out to be "Heartbreak Girl" by 5 Seconds of Summer, interesting band name I thought to myself, but I liked it! I pulled up into the driveway and saw the bonfire flare up high. I guess the party had already started, which was fine because I was known for being 'fashionably late'. I stepped out of my car in a low cut shirt with real short jean shorts, I was here to party hard tonight. I spotted my best friend Valerie over hitting it off with some guys already. We had been best friends for as long back as I can remember! We'd been through everything together, and were inseparable. We both didn't like sounding full of ourselves, but in all honesty, we were hot. Smart, gorgeous, popular, and the nicest people ever which is why we never talked too highly of ourselves. We were the girls that received tons of compliments, but always returned them.
"Hey babe!" she exclaimed as she ran over hugging me.
A cute guy handed me a filled cup, time to get this party started. Val's POV;
"Lets go!" I said pointing to the fire.
People started gathering around the fire when the music started. Kelsie and I grabbed a guy and started dancing around, and of course everyone followed.
"Hey, come help me find a bathroom?" I whispered to Kelsie.
"Yea, sure!" she replied.
We made our way down the gravel path to the house. You couldn't see the house from where the bonfire since it was covered behind trees. We both felt awkward because we didn't even know who lived here. As we approached the house, our jaws dropped. The was was absolutely gorgeous. It was a beautiful brick house with enormous windows which added an elegant touch. It was a house of dreams. I heard their parents were out of town, so I just opened the door and walked in. I thought the outside was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen, until I walked in. There were luxurious chandeliers, grand pianos, and paintings from well known artists; it was extraordinary! We strolled down a long, tall hallway until we reached the bathroom. Chapter 2; Catch My Love Kelsie's POV;
"Hey, uh, Kelsie?" Val yelled from inside the bathroom.
"Yea?" I replied.
"Could you run back to my car and grab my purse quick..?"
"Sure, I'll be back in a minute!" I said walking back down the hall.
I opened the door and started down the gravel path.  The ground crunched with every step. I heard a branch crack and my head whipped around.  Being alone in the woods was definitely one of my biggest fears.   "BOO!" a guy yelled as he jumped out from behind a tree. I let out a loud, girly scream and fell onto my butt.
"Oh shit! Oh my god I'm sorry! Didn't think I'd scare you that bad!" he apologized. He reached out his hands, I grasped them, and he pulled me up. He looked down at my elbow; it was scraped up and bleeding. "Here, come in my house quick and I'll get you a bandaid for your elbow." he stated calmly.
So he was the owner of this house I thought to myself.  
"Thanks!" I replied with a slight smile on the corner of my mouth. We stepped in the house and I said, "Hold on a second, my friends in the bathroom. I have to go tell her something."
I walked to the bathroom and said just loud enough for her to hear, "I couldn't find your purse, sorry!"
"It's alright hun, thanks anyways!" Val replied. I returned back to the front where he was still waiting for me.
He looked me in the eyes and said, "By the way, my names Luke."
"Mines Kelsie."
He led me up the spiral staircase and into the bathroom.  "Please know, I really do feel terrible about this.  I was just coming back to the house. I was having a rough night and thought I could use a good laugh, but now I feel even worse."
"Don't worry about it! It's one of those stories you can look back at and have a good laugh. Now, promise me you'll let it go, I don't want you to feel bad. I'm perfectly fine!"
"Well as long as you're okay.." I stood by the sink while he looked for a bandaid and admired the decor.   He withdrew out a Monsters Inc bandaid box from a cabinet. Monsters Inc happened to be my favorite movie.  "Finally found one!" he exclaimed. 
"Monsters Inc coincidently happens to be my favorite movie." I said slightly flirting. He grabbed my waist and lifted me onto the sink countertop and I felt a little something deep down.  He was standing close, and his cologne smelled heavenly.  He carefully wiped off the blood with a warm rag, applied the bandaid, and kissed it. 
"Good as new!" he said with a smile upon his face.  His smile melted my heart. That's when it hit me. He was gorgeous, and I was definitely developing feelings for him! He was a perfect gentleman, which is what led me to fall for him, hard. He lifted me back off the countertop.  He gently placed his hand on my lower back, encouraging me out of the bathroom and back downstairs.  We arrived at the bottom of the stairs. "So, uh, what do you want to do?" Luke said implying he wanted to stay with me. 
"We could take a walk out back if you'd like?"
"Sounds great."
He brought me to the back door and opened it for me, like a gentleman of course.  I swear if he got any more perfect, I would've thought this was a sick joke. How could someone be such an amazing person? I definitely wanted to get to know him more.  We stepped outside.
"You have a pool?!" I exclaimed full of surprise.
"Well of course" he laughed. From that point on, we circled his backyard for quite a while. We talked the whole entire time, and I couldn't recall a moment where we ran out of things to say.  He told me so many childhood stories, and he had me laughing until my stomach hurt.
"I hate to say it, but we better get going back to the bonfire. I'm sure Val isn't too happy with me since I left her for a while." I said.
"Yeah, we should. My friend said he might come over after the bonfire was over anyways." Val's POV;

After I left the house, I went back to the party.  There were so many cute guys here! Who to flirt with first?  I had a small drink, just enough to get a little tipsy, but I wanted to stay stable tonight.  Last weekend was a blur for Amber and I, and we promised ourselves we would never get that out of control again.  I was walking over to talk to a friend, when I saw him. He was leaning against a tree with a drink in his hand.  He was beyond gorgeous.  Something inside me changed, I didn't want to meet him and hook up, I really wanted to get to know him and I couldn't explain why.  I wasn't ever nervous about talking to guys, but this time was different. I finally built up the courage to go talk to him.
"Hey!" I said shyly. 
"Hey" he said with a chuckle in an adorable accent.  I thought I saw the slightest smile creep upon the corner of his lips.
"I'm Valerie, but everyone calls me Val."
"I'm Ashton."
"So what are you doing here?"
"Well I was just about to leave actually, I'm not too big on partying. I told my friend I'd come over when the party was done." he said as I listened to every word leave his perfect lips.
"That's too bad.." I sighed as my words drifted into the air.
I could tell with the look within his eyes that he felt regretted wanting to leave, now. He looked at me so sincerely and whispered, "Come with me" as he caught a hold of my hand and pulled me into the forest.